Swimming Lessons for the Dead

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Producers: Cookie Marenco & Jack Perla
Mixing and Mastering: Cookie Marenco at
OTR Studios, Belmont, CA

Released by Amosaya Music

"From the cascading runs of "Series One" and the grand, juicy chords of "The Pearl," to the title track's rhythmic, low cruising vamp and "Minefield"'s disarming sense of adventure, Swimming Lessons gives notice of a major young composer and pianist. A fetching blend of compositional smarts and improvisational daring make this modern jazz of the highest order."

Robin Tolleson, contributor

Award winning composer & performer Jack Perla creates stage, concert & commercial music. Honors include the Thelonious Monk Institute Jazz Composers Award & commissions from the Argosy Fund for New Music, the James Irvine Foundation & the Oakland Symphony. Music Without Walls presents & performs music at the intersection of popular and classical traditions. We call this style pulse-narrative - music that combines the rhythmic drive of jazz with the formal power of classical music.

More about Jack Perla: www.jackperla.com